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We are a catering company serving the San Jose and surrounding areas. Our goal is to provide you with delicious food as well as great service that go beyond your expectations. We offer local, seasonal, and custom hot dogs for both large and small events. We cater to family parties, schools, and well as corporate gatherings.

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Our menu consist of Hot Dogs, Polish, Hotlinks, Bratwurst, Bill's Beer Steamed Hot Dogs, Polish, Bacon GOOP Dogs, Chili Dogs, and much much more! We bring all necessary equipment to handle your party, our food is fresh and our catering service include all condiments, paper goods, along with beverages.
Kids/Family Party
$375First 60 Meals | $4.50 per meal thereafter
Kids Eating Hot Dogs
$400First 60 Meals | $5.00 per meal thereafter
Corporate Hot Dogs

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Bill is awesome! He catered my company's party and everyone loved it! Bill responded to my inquires quickly and gave me a quote right away. He worked with our schedule, location details, and was very knowledgeable on how to set up for a corporate event.

His menu selection satisfied every taste - you have try the hot link, Seattle style! He offered every condiment possible from basic ketchup, mustard, relish, sauerkraut to crunchy Doritos toppings. He even catered to our vegans with tofu hot dogs!

Bill is friendly, easy to work with, and very clean. On that note - you will notice that he wears gloves when serving and has hand sanitizer available for you:)

Our employees had a great time, in the sunshine, having a great hot dog. I will definitely use his services for future events.

May C., costumer

I've always walked passed & overlooked this hot dog stand every time my friends and I hit up Koji's & Temple in downtown San Jose, till one night a friend of mine got a hot dog from here!

Personally I'd rather buy a hot dog from a street vendor than eat one at a hot dog "restaurant"! It just tastes better for me. I recently had a hot dog from Pauly's and I couldn't stop comparing it to Bill's Hot Dogs! Variety wise Pauly's takes the prize, but Bill's hot Dogs is one of the best hot dogs I've had in the area! The crushed Doritos as topping just hit the spot for me! It gave it that extra crunch, and cheesy taste I like on a hot dog! I probably could have eaten another one if we stayed there longer!

*Really craving for one right now just writing this review!*

$5 dollars for this delicious hot dog! It's worth it!

Glenn L., costumer

Okay, so I never write reviews. But Bill and his hot dogs (I had the hot link) were so awesome I just HAD to write one!

The hot link was thick, juicy and had a nice kick to it. I'm Korean and I can handle my spicy. Spicy enough to make your mouth water just a bit, but not enough to make you drink gallons of water. The GOOP on top was delicious, and the only condiment I needed to add were the Doritos chips. Added a nice little crunch and texture to each bite.

Bill was very friendly, and as another reviewer said, seemed quite humble. I was also extremely glad that he only charged a dollar for ice cold bottled water (he could easily overcharge for water like so many other vendors do), which washed down everything nicely. Awesome food from an awesome hot dog chef!

Caroline P., customer
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